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Sushi-Sashimi By Piece
Makimono Roll
Sushi&roll Combination
Sashimi Combination
Sushi & Sashimi Combination

Vegetable and tofu

Edamame  $3.99
Steamed soybean

Spring Roll (2)  $3.99
Fried Spring rolls stuffed with mixed vegetables

Summer Rolls  $5.99
Choice of shrimp, chicken, or tofu wrapped in soft vermicelli with lettuce, cucumbers, mango, and peanut dipping sauce

Siam satay wrapped   $7.99
Grilled marinated steak with yellow curry lettuce,cucumbers,red onions and peanut sauce,served with a side of  potato fries

Fried potatoes  $3.99
Crisp slices of  potatoes fried

Vegetable tempura appetizer  $5.99
Crispy and lightly battered assorted vegetables with tempura dipping sauce

Steamed vegetables  $6.99
Steamed assorted vegetables with soy dipping

Grilled Vegetable in skewer  $1.99 
Your choices of Broccoli, Carrot, Onion, Mushroom glaze with teriyaki sauce

Sauté Spinach and mushroom  $5.99
Ohitashi  $4.99
Cooked spinach served cold with miso sauce, sesame seed and top with bonito flakes

Age Nasu  $4.99
Fried Eggplant served with miso marinated sauce and sesame seed

Yaki Nasu  $4.99
Grilled Eggplant served with miso marinated sauce and sesame seed

Age Tofu  $4.99
Deep fried tofu served with minced ginger, scallions and tempura dipping sauce

Hiya Yako $4.99 Cold tofu served with scallion and ginger
Grilled Tofu  $5.99
Grilled tofu served with teriyaki sauce

Meat and Seafood
Shrimps Shumai  $4.99
Shrimps dumpling served steamed or fried
Gyoza  $4.99
Pork dumpling served steamed or fried
Kanom jeeb  $4.99 Thin sheets of wheat dough enclosing marinated minced pork, shrimp mixed  vegetable  served  steamed
Shrimp tempura appetizer  $7.99
Crisp, lightly battered shrimps and vegetables in ginger tempura sauce
Fried Calamari  $6.99
Crisp calamari ring served with sweet chili sauce
Shrimp in a blanket  $7.99
Golden wrapped stuffed shrimp on a bed of frisée, topped with sweet chili sauce
Soft Shell Crab  $9.99
Crisp soft-shell crab with ponzu sauce
Dynamite mussel  $7.99
Golden baked mixed Japanese mayo and masago on top of mussels
Dynamite  $7.99
Golden baked shrimp, scallops, kani, mushrooms, onions, sesame seeds and salmon roe with Japanese mayonnaise over Jasmine rice
Green mussel  $7.99
Served with ponzu sauce and scallion
Chicken Satay (4)  $7.99
Grilled marinated chicken in yellow curry served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad
Beef Satay(4)  $7.99
Grilled marinated beef in yellow curry served with peanuts sauce and cucumber salad
Crispy Crab Rangoon  $4.99
Deep fried imitation crab Blended with Cream Cheese, masago, scallion to served with Sweet Chili Sauce Fried Crisp in Wonton Wrappers

Cheese Maki  $4.99
Fried Spring roll inside with melting cheese dipping with sweet chili sauce

Chicken Hot Wing(6)  $5.99
Marinated chicken wing with our special spicy sauce  perfectly deep fry served with sweet chili sauce
Almond Shrimps (3)  $5.99
Fried shrimps coated with crispy almonds and panko

Grilled Meat (1)  $2.99
each skewer grilled and brushed with teriyaki glaze   A Skewer is Your choice of Beef, Shrimps, Salmon, Chicken

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